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We are open, get booked in

Use our new online booking system to schedule your shooting. For the time being, due to social distancing guidelines, we are unable to provide coaching sessions for individuals or groups. For shotgun owners we are open 7 days a week for pre-booked English Sporting shooting.

Covid-19 updates

30 May 2020

From Monday 1st June, 2020 we are increasing maximum squad sizes from two to four people.

You must still, of course, maintain social distancing at all times.

To book in please call Sam Rowlandson on 07842 500927, or use our online booking system.

13 May 2020

Triggr resumed shooting activities on Wednesday 13 May 20, subject to the limitations set out below. If you are thinking of visiting, you must read the following information.

First timers, novices and groups

It remains impractical for us to safely deliver live-firing coaching sessions to first time shooters, novices and groups. This side of operations remains on hold.

Shotgun owners

From the morning of Wednesday 13 May 20 our English Sporting layout will be open seven days a week. This is to help keep the number of people on the shooting ground at any one time significantly lower than it would otherwise be.

For now, all shooting must be scheduled using our online booking system. These bookings are for experienced shooters with their own shotguns. You only need to buy 50 clays to secure a start time but if you would like to order more you can. Lone shooters, or squads made up of either household groups or two individuals maintaining social distancing only please. Cartridges may also be ordered online. Online payment is available or you can select to pay in cash at the ground.

Fees have been increased to cover the additional operating costs incurred by this forced adjustment to our business model and the fact we cannot currently operate the ‘experiences’ side of the business that we normally use to subsidise regular club shooting. It would simply not stack up for us to operate in this way with our previous pricing structure in place.

Members of your household that aren’t shooters are allowed to accompany you. We have subsonic cartridges at the ground if you’d like to take this as an opportunity to introduce them to the sport.

Club shoots remain on hold until restrictions are lifted further.

On arrival, you’ll notice Tom or me standing outside the security office situated on the right-hand-side of our road as you come through the main gate. Whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines, from your vehicle or on foot, make sure that we’ve seen you, said hello and signed you in. If you’ve ordered cartridges, collect them from the table. If you’re paying in cash, put it in the drop-box provided; make sure you bring the correct money, no change will be given.

Please endeavour to arrive at the shooting ground early enough to allow sufficient time to get your shotgun, kit and self organised so as to be in position at the first stand for your start time. If you arrive early stay in your vehicle until it’s time to move off to shoot; if you’re running late, don’t panic, we will filter you in but, like I say, please make best effort to arrive on time in the first place.

The main shoot building will be closed until social distancing guidelines are lifted. We will not be providing seating or refreshments until further notice, and the toilets will be available In Extremis only. Try your very best to avoid needing to use them. That said, we do have a system in place to sanitise after every use.

We are not issuing scorecards at the moment. Keep a mental tally of your scores and text them to me, along with your name, if you want to be entered into the club rankings.

Maintain social distancing guidelines at all times. This is very easy to do on such a large, open site.

There are foot pedals on each stand, use them to send your own clays. If you need to adjust their position – do so with your feet. There should be no need to touch anything with your hands that isn’t yours whilst here at Triggr.

Please keep the layout flowing by shooting at a brisk pace and allowing faster shooters and squads to overtake you between stands. Keep to the left-hand-side of the track at all times and shoot the layout in numerical order. The stand over the bridge will be the final stand for everyone. It is numbered Stand 7 for those shooting 50 sporting and Stand 10 for those shooting 100 sporting. From there walk back up the wood – not the track – to the car park, get packed away and go straight home.

I accept all that is very matter of fact. However, for now, in order for us to operate, and for you to get out shooting, that’s how it is.

The online booking system can be found here. If you’ve got any problems using the website call me on 07931 893 242 or 07842 500 927.

Thank you.